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You give the XOXOs,
we give the Zzzs!

You give the XOXOs,
we give the Zzzs!

Why Parents Love SNOO

  • Aids Sleep

    Aids Sleep

    Get the sleep your baby needs, and you deserve

  • Calms Fussing

    Calms Fussing

    Automatically settles baby… often in under a minute

  • Extra Hands

    Extra Hands

    Ready 24/7 to help you soothe baby when you need to eat or catch some Zzz's

  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    Only bed that keeps babies on the back...for all naps and nights

  • Sleep Trains

    Sleep Trains

    Naturally sleep trains...with little need to cry-it-out

Let SNOO Take the Night Shift...Every Night!

SNOO aids sleep for babies...and their parents!

When SNOO detects fussing, it automatically responds with increasing sound and motion, often calming fussing in under a minute!

Our one-of-a-kind swaddles keep babies on their backs...for all nights and naps.

Dr. Harvey Karp

Dr. Harvey Karp

SNOO is based on 20+ years of research by America’s No.1 paediatrician, author of Happiest Baby on the Block and creator of the 5S’s.

Watch How SNOO Works
Father with SNOO

Why Babies Love SNOO

SNOO imitates the sounds and movements of your baby’s favourite place—the womb!—to automatically calm fussing.

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Fully Integrated Mobile App


Fully Integrated Mobile App

  • Daily sleep reports (parents love watching baby’s sleep get better and better!)
  • Helpful tips and fun info from Dr. Harvey Karp
  • A variety of helpful settings to customise your baby’s experience
  • Download on Apple App Store
  • Download on Google Play
Baby in SNOO

SNOO Naturally Sleep-Trains Babies

SNOO helps babies to become independent sleepers...with little need to "cry-it-out." Plus, weaning mode makes transitioning to the cot easy!

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Ready for a good night's sleep?

Try SNOO—risk-free—for 30 days and find out for yourself why parents love SNOO!

World's Most Awarded Baby Bed

World's Most Awarded Baby World's Most Awarded Baby

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